About Us

Originally opened in 2006 as a family run preschool, we are a now a nonprofit organisation which is run by a small committee of trustees, all of whom are people with strong links to the community.

We are situated in the spacious Epiphany Church Hall (although we are run separately), with a purpose built outdoor play area funded in part by a grant received from Tesco.

Our Mission Statement

At the Epiphany PreSchool we encourage social, physical, creative and emotional development of each child, within a fun and safe environment.

Commitment to the children in our care and the staff we employ is of the utmost importance to us to try and ensure the happiness and well being of all.

Our quality service is one that will cater for the individual requirements of the child and their family and will also ensure that each person is treated with equality. At the Epiphany PreSchool we aim to meet these needs by ensuring that there is adequate staffing and equipment for those attending the facility.

We value the high integrity of our staff, their energy, enthusiasm and creativity. We also value good communication, supervisory and organisational skills which they should have in order to carry out their job to the standards required.

The Epiphany PreSchool is an equal opportunities setting and welcomes all children and families, regardless or race, religion, ability, culture, language, sexuality or intellect. All children will be respected as individuals and cared for equally.

We are also an equal opportunities employer, employing those who fit the requirements set in the job description, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, ability, culture, language, sexuality or intellect. All employees will be respected as individuals and valued as an important part of the team. Each individual will bring together various life skills, qualities and backgrounds to enhance the capabilities of the PreSchool.

The Epiphany PreSchool believe that a motivated and dedicated team is essential to our success as childcare providers, and therefore we aim to provide training, guidance and opportunities for our individual team members.

The results we achieve at Epiphany PreSchool are of great importance and we aim to demonstrate these results through a variety of sources including planning, observation and assessment. We expect and demonstrate honest and integrity at Epiphany PreSchool and believe these values should be encouraged and nurtured in the children that attend this childcare facility.